I was tasked with designing a mobile and web application for their restaurant. Mobile and Desktop UI solution containing restaurant search, general information, table booking ability..


Many restaurants are still operated using pen and paper methods, with little or no automation. Patrons enter the facility to be greeted by a host, who often times has a “dry erase” diagram of the tables, maintained on a blackboard. The host can see the status of the tables based on whether or not they or someone else physically update the diagram. Once seated a waiter tends to the customers by jotting down the orders onto a piece of carbon paper and delivers it to the kitchen for proper food preparation. The waiter then has to

periodically check back to find out when the meal is ready. When the food is done, the piece of carbon paper is saved for proper record keeping by the management


D-Food is a restaurant offering Oriental Cuisine, superb dishes as well as event space and tables for customers to book.

D-Food Mobile App and Web Platform is designed to combat the issue of restaurant redundancy by keeping users activities and booking automated and provides real-time interaction with the chefs and space managers as well as ease the stress of having to write down things on paper and mixing up bookings.

Information Architecture

User Persona

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